About #SKRH


#SKRH – The Sef Kombo Radio Hour is the radio show offering from Sef Kombo, a weekly hour show bringing the best in Afro, Deep & Soulful house from around the globe.. It’s aim is the showcase new and developing talent alongside some of the most established producers the world has to offer.

It’s aim is to become the fastest growing radio show of its kind in the world, you can access the latest shows right here on demand and on iTunes or you can tune in to the current radio stations #SKRH is broadcasted on listed below

The one hour show includes mini mixes, short interviews from time to time and a track selection of the week ranging from inbox fresh exclusives to a selection from the archives.

So make you tell a friend to tell a friend that GOOD MUSIC IS ON!

Syndicating SKRH

Radio stations are welcome to syndicate #SKRH upon approval, it is free of station IDs of any kind and only includes indents mentioning the name of the program and the website url.

If you’re interested in airing #SKRH every week, please contact Sef Kombo to discuss further details:


Beachgrooves Radio Hour

Capital Sudan Radio Hour

Deep House Ireland Radio Hour


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