Black Coffee at MixMag London Lab

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Nope I’m not late, I’ve just been a bit rubbish with sharing bits and bobs but anyway lets get to what this is about.. Black Coffee was in London before his first gig at Fabric and was invited to do a live set at the world famous MixMag Lab, it’s a sweet set described by MixMag as one of their best ever. Now to that I disagree and I’ve heard a better Black Coffee set and I think that they saying it for PR purposes because this style of music is definitely not widely accepted by the majority market but at the end of the day I’m happy to see Coffee get some people light on his work after so many years of hard graft.

Enjoy this set and my personally favourite track of the session is No Good For Me (Ta-Ice Remix) – Infected Soul at around the 6:55 mark.. such feel good vibes it gives me, chills

Right now Coffee is embarking on another tour where he has hit San Francisco, & Montreal, Miami tonight with Ireland, Norway & Paris still to come and you can catch him back in London on 31st Jan at the Qube Project for Music Is Love

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