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It’s been a fair few years since I did a blog post about how I view music, the scene and shared an insight into what I do or experience, I feel to today

First I’d like to say, I had a great time at Bang Radio, sad the way the situation went to pot at such a random moment but that’s the music game I guess, I learnt many things about broadcasting which maybe I would have learnt if I had gone to another station. It did prepare me very well for 1xtra, initially I had been offered 5 pre-recorded shows but to successfully do two shows with confidence the next 3 was offered live of which I could only do two of those because of other commitments, I owe that to the team at Bang and also the hunger and desire to take this role by the scruff of the neck. The 6th show I did was purely a cover but again by covering late notice and doing it live is a true testament to how well I did previously and how highly regarded I am to be thrown into a situation like that.

One thing I learnt from the experience at both stations is that you really do need a team around you while broadcasting, I have done every single show by myself up until 1xtra and sometimes on a busy night, I couldn’t manage with all the social interaction and getting what I needed to do as show. It’s helpful also when there is someone there who can spring up an idea that might work just to give the broadcast an extra edge.

Listening back to my shows, which you can do also on Podcast I felt that I did get much stronger and would like to do it again on a permanent basis but more importantly, a situation where the team and the management above believes that this deep, soulful and afro is good and can bring listeners to a network works best for me, the evidence is there in abundance. Obviously “BBC Radio” carries a strong name across the world but it most certainly isn’t the be all and end.. It can work anywhere as long as it’s channeled properly. So we will see what happens in the future, no doubt though, the network is missing out on some very key music and whether it’s myself or another DJ doing this style of music I would be happy to hear it on there, I do know with them and facilities they have available I could potentially become the biggest radio show globally for this music.

The reaction and appreciation during the time towards the music, well that’s another blog in itself lol but it is never possible without the talent from Africa so this is a special thank you for supplying such good quality music for me to showcase, you already know that it was loved immensely, big shouts to Jullian Gomes, Black Coffee & Culoe de Song for the telephone interviews 🙂

I do believe that broadcasting is my calling, an avenue to unearth some of the best talents the world of house music has to offer and to give DJs a platform to showcase their quality work which often goes un-noticed for A LOT of nonsense reasons.. I want to bridge the gap. Our scene needs it also as currently there is only three DJs on a legal platform which only 15 months ago there was at least 15, educating via mix CDs and podcasts are great but through the radio medium it is even better we have just as much talent and skill so I don’t get why so many are getting filtered out. hmmm, interesting times.

I might make this blog a regular thing, next time I will share something else on my mind, I hope you like my website though.. drop me a line with your thoughts on it, anything you like don’t like and I will try to fix it.

Peace, Love and House music


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