Summer Special Pt.9

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Back for the 2nd Summer Special Edition in 2013, this one is a much more deeper feeling mix with the beats rolling for even longer then usual. This ninth edition of the Summer Specials, this 13 track mix just let’s the music touch the mind, body and soul… 85 mins of House pressure.

This mix has been created for you to really feel the essence of House music, Deep, Soulful and Afro house tracks all mixed to create another eclectic mix which could last forever..

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1. You Don’t Know Me – Zoo Brazil ft. Ursula Rucker
2. Epos – Ten Walls
3. Over & Over – B & G Crew ft. Derazy
4. The Passion (Manuel Tur & Dplay Remix) – Kiloo & Phonique
5. Expansive Thought – Christo
6. Runnin’ Away (Soul 1 LDN Deeper Level Mix) – Dilouya ft. Sly Johnson
7. I Miss (South Dub) – P.M. Project
8. Thoughts of You – Problem Child Ten83 ft. Fana Fanatik
9. Kromosome X – Manoo
10. African Dilemma (Amakhosi Dub) – Soulpoizen
11. Give Love (D-Malice Deep Expression) – Mustafa ft. Tasita D’Mour
12. Infected Natives (Benny T Remix) – Soul Varti
13. First To Say Goodbye (Da Capo’s Deeper Touch) – DJ Micks ft. Robin Latimore

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