The Sef Sessions Mix 3

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12 Tracks, 1 Hour, Pure House Music In The Mix

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1. Home To You (Ethan White Remix) – Tortured Soul
2. Domingos Ride (Sosue Soulkomplex Remix) – Raw Artistic Soul
3. Travelling Together (Ralf GUM’s GoGo Music Mix) – Soul Vigilantes ft. Xan Blacq
4. Rise of The Sandman (Timewriter Remix) – Diego Astaiza
5. Run (Alternate Veersion 2 Vocal) – Shake The Dog ft. Monique Bingham
6. Time (The Layabouts Remix) – The Realm ft. Tony Momrelle
7. I’m Over It (Kemal’s Instrumental) – Misteralf ft. Dawn Tallman
8. Private Life (Guy Robin Underground Mix) – Guy Robin ft. Anthony Moriah
9. Don’t Laugh (Manoo’s Laugh Remix) – Winx
10. Losin’ My Head (Peaktime Mix) – Monkey Brothers ft. Shaun Escoffery
11. The Final Frontiere – Franck Roger
12. Won’t Stop (Club Mix) – dunnEASY ft. Monique Bingham

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