SKRH #040 – Sef Kombo Radio Hour

Light Wave – KVRBO (Stay True Sounds)
Stuttgart (Marlow And Trüby Refix) – Tosca ft. Lucas Santtana (!K7)
Durban – Rancido (MoBlack Records)
All It Takes (Kai Alcé Distinctive Vocal) – Sir LSG ft. Zano (GOGO Music)
Ankole – Lemon & Herb (Mixed In Motion Recordings)
Oscillation (D-Malice Remix) – Deep Montage & Kaysoul (DM.Recordings)
Guanile (Enoo Napa Vocal Remix) – Pablo Fierro (sunclock)
Uyankenteza (Enoo Napa Vocal Remix) – Afro Warriors ft. Tonshi (Tribe Records)
Bonjour L’Afrique (Sobek Seven Sisters Remix) – DkA (Constant Circles)
Damage Control – Ethan Sol (DjEef’s Records)
Again – Thodoris Triantafillou (Glory Hill Studio)

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